Placetailor is a design, build, development company committed to building high performance, energy efficient contemporary buildings.

We Design (beautifully). We Build (efficiently). We Develop (sustainably).


Tailored Places

There’s a certain kind of magic in a place where everything fits just right. Where a well placed building helps the whole street come to life. When a contemporary design stands out while still fitting in. The way the sun, the trees, the earth, and the people are all extensions of a building, and are utilized to create custom-fit urban environments.


Smart Buildings

Placetailor-made projects are always built to the highest efficiency possible with a particular eye toward comfort. Where a well placed window captures the sun’s energy to heat a house, a heat recovery ventilator streams fresh winter air into a room without bringing in the winter temperature. We keep heat where we want it and get rid of it where we don't.


Collaborative Economies

We believe in working together. We intend to lead the resurgence of traditional methods of consumption, production and service delivery to shift power away from centralized institutions and towards local communities and individuals. We are an Employee Owned Cooperative, and love collaborations. Want to work together? Give us a call

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