Project Statement

In collaboration with Runcible Studios, this proposed masterplan combines green open space, off street parking, walking paths, and multi-family units built to the Passive House standard, helping to reduce energy and increase urban ecology within the TNT corridor.  The proposed design maximizes green space, gives every unit a private entry from the street, reserves areas for urban agriculture, and gives every unit an outdoor porch, while maintaining a variety of unit types and sizes.  By minimizing area needed for parking we are not only able to create a green frontage along New England Ave, but also leave the DND lots to be developed as Urban Agriculture.  

Our design takes cues from the Talbot Commons massing, the classic triple decker, and the compactness of rowhouses.  The larges of the 3 proposed buildings is to the north closest to the industrial /commercial areas along Talbot Ave; the units progressively get smaller further into the neighborhood to relate to the residential scale fabric.