Another "In-House" Event: 

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What's this all about?

Declan wrote the play Being Borrowed for the Arlington Children's Theater (ACT). Placetailor volunteered to make the sets for the play.  The ACT has 3 showings of the play in it's theater in Arlington, but we thought we should bring it to JP and have the teens (13-18) perform inside one of our buildings that is currently under construction as part of our ongoing In-House Event series.

Arlington Children's Theatre & Placetailor presents

An original Absurdist play, in which one man, Charles, struggles to find himself, questions the reality of realism, doubts that matter matters and, of course ends up locked inside a box inside a dungeon inside a foreign kingdom. The play follows Charles through a folktale of linguistic wonderings, fantastic wanderings and bombastic wingdings. The story is a narrative pondering of the humor of humanity through the subjective lense of objectivity.

Written by: Declan B. Keefe      Directed by: Matt Lundeen

December 19th @5:30 @21Lamartine St. Boston MA 02130

There is only enough room for 40 People so RSVP now

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