Renovation of a basement into a flexible garden level living space by relocating a kitchen and bath.  Featuring a turtle tank, reclaimed barn board, and storage for bikes and a six child wagon.

Client Story

Ellen Moore, the Daycare extraordinaire, in Mission Hill asked that Placetailor Design and Build the renovation of her unfinished basement. Together with Ellen we developed a design that hopefully will make her and her Daycare children happy for many years to come.

Ellen appreciated placetailors Design and Construction model. She is happy she will only have to deal with one company instead of seperate designers and separate builders. Our design will renovate a compact kitchen and bath, which will allow for a large open and adaptable space for her and the children. We worked with our plumber and electricians to determine our most cost effective way of dealing with the existing plumbing electric, and heating system. The plan we developed will accommodate many uses in the future, despite some of the challenging existing conditions. We will be refinishing the concrete, cleaning up and exposing the ceiling joists, consolidating electrical and plumbing in the “ceiling spine”, adding storage, improving the lighting and daylighting, hopefully educating some children, and making a fun, comfortable space.

If you don’t like healthier, more comfortable, more interesting, more innovative houses, with nearly no energy bills, then you probably won’t like the Rocksberry house.
— Declan Keefe, Placetailor's Director