We are a full service, licensed, architecture firm in Boston, MA. We're committed to helping make innovative, net positive impact, buildings. A lot of our work is residential, but we do work on a wide range of projects from offices to community centers to cafes. Our team is infused with the experience of builders and real estate developers to make sure your project is buildable, on budget, beautiful, and a quality investment. Our expertise ranges from social architecture and community engagement to the Passive House standard and carbon impact analysis. While our construction arm of the business will only work in Greater Boston (Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Back Bay, Cambridge, Somerville etc.) our Architecture arm will work on projects around New England.

The Design Process...

Connect with Placetailor

The first step is for us to connect. Shoot us an email at, give us a call at 617-639-0633 and we can help to figure out where to go from there. See if we are a good fit for one another, and then hopefully meet up in person

Schematic Design

This is where we start. Where every idea has a chance to shines its light. It is the way we explore what the place itself wants to be. We'll the patterns of the site (people, sun, wind, traffic, etc.). We will draw things by hand, crumple them up and then draw more things, until we reach a point where we have a few designs that we would like to present to you to see what direction you are excited about. Often there will be elaments of the various design iterations we have that we will gravitate towards and point us to a new design direction that we would not be able to get to without working with you.

Design Development

Now that we have the basic concept and general lay out of the design we will begin to solidify the primary design details. We will create our first presentation drawings to show to the community, so that we get input from any stakeholders before moving forward. In Design development we will get into budgeting and specifications of some of the most critical decision points. It is typically at this phase we will do the energy modeling and set our energy efficiency goals. We have a high  bar for  energy efficiency, because we feel it is a moral obligation to leave the world a better place than we found it.

Construction Documents

During this phase we will incorporate all of the decisions, feedback, details, all our consultants parameters, and create drawings and specifications that can be used to build a building. We will combine structural, civil, mechanical, fire and any other engineers or consultants drawings with our own. The resulting drawing set will be a detailed account of your future project.


Construction Contract

The Construction Documents will be used as part of a construction contract. In some cases Placetailor's Construction Arm will build what we design, but no mater what we will help you to find the right  build partner to get the project executed just as we imagined it together.

(Integrated) Construction Administration


We're architects, but also builders, so we are able to help out during the construction phase of a project even if we aren't the ones building the project. If there are specific details related to energy efficiency, air tightness, or products that a traditional builder might not be familiar with, we will send in our Master Design Builder to help train other builders or complete a certain scope of work. No matter what, we stick with a project through design and construction in some way, making sure that the design intent is carried through to the completed project.