Just like with our walls, we always build super insulated, airtight roofs that minimize thermal bridging. The night sky is coldest, and heat rises, so a well designed high performing roof is the first line of defense against unwanted heat-loss.

External Finishes

We are architects after-all so the external details, and the look of the building is wildly important to us. We pay attention to details like it is our job..because it is (lucky us).

Site Preparation and Grading

We try to have as little of an impact as possible on the site, while still optimizing the property. The topography, soil type, location, compared to other buildings, the sun, the road, all come into play when preparing and grading the site.



At Placetailor we believe that our business model as a designer, builder, and developer allows us to understand the details of a protect from a variety of perspectives. This gives us a uniqie ability to exquisitely execute the construction of details. We are proud of our work, and we want to keep it that way. As they say, the devil is in the details.


There are many ways ti approach a foundation, and it is certainly true that a  good foundation is...well...the foundation of a good building. Super insulating a foundation to prevent conductive hear loss to the earth makes innovative construction details necessary.

Interior Finishes

We understand that you live and work inside, not outside admiring the siding and trim, so we keep our high level detail inside and out. We utilize the thick super insulated wall for unique window seats or deep counters. Materiality, color, texture, composition and cohesiveness are just as important to our designers and our builders.



We always build super insulated airtight walls that minimize the thermal bridging. These 3 things together are key to minimizing the unwanted heat loss and gain depending on the season. Every building lends itself to different details, but they all must perform to our high performance standard.

Window and Door Modules

Windows are one of the key factors in a passive house design. We design our buildings and specify our windows so that in heating months our windows provide more heat than they lose. Windows have always been a net loser for energy in a home, until now.


We will often do the heating, cooling and ventilation equipment design in-house. We partner with trusted sub-contractors to install properly sized equipment. Typically we install Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) and small air to air heat-pumps to meet the very small heating demand of our buildings.