We turned a run-down, structurally- and climatically-unstable century-old house into a high performance home for sustainable urban living.

Client Story

Andrée Zaleska and Ken Ward, and their three young boys, acquired an abandoned, century-old, former corner store in the Bourne neighborhood of Jamaica Plain, with the goal of rehabbing this derilect structure into a home, community gathering space, center for climate action, and model of low carbon impact living. They came to us as builders who were passionate about those very same things. We quickly realized together that we needed to rework the design so that we could make all of those lofty goals a reality.

When we were done with it the house featured a great passive solar design, super insulation, recycled materials, triple-glazed windows (U.17), a heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system and an air-to-water heat pump for heat and hot water (heat is never used). Andree says the house maintains an average indoor temperature of 63 degrees in the winter without using the heating system.