We transformed a 160-year old Gunsmith’s cottage into an ultra-low-energy contemporary urban home. This design served as our initial laboratory for energy efficiency experiments.

Project Story

This is the project that launched Placetailor. Founding member Simon Hare, his wife Damiana and their daughter Lulu all needed a place to live, and Simon was on a mission to start a design + build company. What better to do than kill two birds with one stone? He couldn’t think of anything else either, and so, Placetailor was born.  Placetailor started right away designing and renovating the old gunsmith’s cottage, formerly the shop of Mr. Pratt (hence the name Pratt House). After lots of exploration, experimentation, hard work, late nights, and odd hours, the Pratt house was completed.

In September 2012 the house went to new owners.


Green Building Advisor, 2009

If you don’t like healthier, more comfortable, more interesting, more innovative houses, with nearly no energy bills, then you probably won’t like the Rocksberry house.
— Declan Keefe, Placetailor's Director