Rocksberry House

Living the Green Life.  The Rocksberry House is a custom, energy-efficient, urban home. We like to call it “New England Modern.”

The Rocksberry House is a ground-breaking green building, designed to use 90% less heating energy than a typical home. It is expected to become one of only a few Passive House projects in the whole state.

Nestled in Roxbury’s Fort Hill Neighborhood, this single family home sits across from Marcella Park. It features a wonderfully private back yard, sunny living spaces, and thoughtful construction details. Located only a few minutes from the T and major bike paths, the Rocksberry House makes it easy to get most places you’ll ever want to go.

I’ve never been happier to live in my house than I am in this moment. I’m working from home. Every window is shut. I’m drinking hot tea and I’m utterly, totally comfortable. Damn, those boys can build a passive house!”
— Maria Cramer, Client (on a 90 degree day in July with no air conditioning on)